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Should you invest in a corporate wellness program?

Should you invest in a corporate health and wellness program? According to this article, the answer is YES.

A corporate health and wellness program should be thought of as an INVESTMENT, and NOT an expense. By definition, an investment is the act of devoting money, time, or effort to a particular undertaking with the expectation of a worthwhile result. You wouldn’t buy a certain stock with any other intention but to have that stock increase in value.

As with any investment, due diligence is key and investing in a corporate health and wellness program is no different. “Start-ups often tend to stay away from what they see as a costly and avoidable overhead cost.” We get it, you have to watch every dollar, but you also have to nurture your most valuable resource: your people.

Here are 4 key areas of a corporate health and wellness program that you should consider when making your investment:

  1. Productivity: Simply put, if you’re physically and emotionally healthy, you can perform at optimal productivity levels. Startups are often lean in terms of staff, so avoiding health-related time off should be a key priority. Reduced sick days leads to higher productivity.

  2. Retention: You made some great hires, but it’s a competitive world out there. Don’t make the mistake of getting too comfortable or before you know it, other forward-thinking companies will snipe your top talent.

  3. Engagement: “A recent study by The Economist found direct, positive correlation between employee wellness programs and the engagement levels of employees within the organization.” In short, employees tend to be more entrenched in your organization when you take care of them.

  4. Competitive Advantage: “A wellness-driven organization competes better in the market as employees deliver better output, faster turnaround and remain more loyal to the organization.” Having a workforce of healthier, more productive employees gives you a competitive advantage.

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