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HRPA 2020 Annual Conference

We had the opportunity to attend the the HRPA 2020 Annual Conference a couple of weeks ago. These events are great opportunities for everyone to get out, make new connections, catch up with old connections and learn more about all the interesting things happening in the world of Human Resources and office management.

If you were there you'd agree that there were a number of exhibitors focused on various aspects of health and wellness. Meditation, ergonomics, massage, healthy snacks and beverages ... they had it all.

There is a huge and undeniable benefit to any organization who invests in a health and wellness solution for their employees. From decreased absenteeism to increased productivity and employee engagement's a worthwhile investment.

The positive response to the health and wellness exhibitors at the event was great, but we couldn't help but think that researching, vetting and managing multiple service providers can be a lot of work.

PROBLEM SOLVED ... HealthCasa can do all the work for you! Our corporate health and wellness solutions are custom tailored to your organization's needs. The best part ... we do all the legwork and we don't charge the employer a fee for our core services.

Not to worry, you'll see HealthCasa at the HRPA 2021 Conference.

Until then, we're happy to answer all of your questions. Let's chat!


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