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Healthy Workplace Awards

Everyone likes to win awards; it’s gratifying and provides some validation for all the hard work put forth in order to achieve those awards. We all know the value and far-reaching benefits of living a healthy lifestyle and it’s great to see the healthy workplace trend continue to pick up momentum. It’s even better when companies are recognized for creating healthy workplaces.

“The Goodlife Fitness Health & Wellness Leadership Awards" celebrates some of the most innovative workplace wellness programs in the country with the goal of contributing to a healthier, more productive workforce across Canada.” Kudos Goodlife for leading the charge.

Some of the wellness initiatives being offered are:

1. Recognizing employees who’ve adopted healthy habits

2. Mental health training and support

3. Celebration of diversity

4. Health and wellness education for employees and their families

5. Fun wellness events like healthy potluck lunches

6. Sit/stand desks and flexible working arrangements

7. Financial contributions to wellness expenses

8. Motivational meetings

And more ...

A round of applause for the award winning companies:

Want to bring workplace wellness to your office? Find out more at HealthCasa.


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